Our Service

Help you check your health or monitor a condition from your home through postal finger-prick blood tests

Check Your Health at Home

With 3 Simple Step

First Step

Prick your finger to collect your sample

  • Prepare yourself and your collection kit
  • We will guide you on how to collect the sample with our quick guide
  • Collect your sample at home using our finger-prick sample collection kits

Second Step

Pack the collection kit

  • Label the sample and put it in the biohazard bag
  • Save the bag in a provided box and put the box in our prepaid envelope

Third Step

Post the sample at Thailand Post

  • Post the sample at the post office (Thailand Post)
  • Free!! No additional payment required
  • The sample should be delivered within 24 hours


We have partnered with a few best trustable labs in hospitals to process all blood samples


We use the same accredited labs and methods to test your blood as hospitals, combined with the highly security health tracking system

So you can be confident that your results will be accurate and private